The Number One Reason to go solar is not what you think.

Are you feeling overwhelmed about the instability of what your electricity rate will become? What will the increase be over the coming months, or years? Ask yourself when the last time you saw your electric rates go down? Is it even possible? While it may be possible, in my opinion it is not likely. Millions of Americans are feeling the financial pressures brought on by our unstable economy, causing a rapid increase of all our monthly utility bills throughout the United States.

Picture Describes the reaction of a couple receiving an overwhelming energy bill
Picture Describes the reaction of a couple receiving an overwhelming energy bill

Reasons to go solar:

Within the Last year alone, electricity rates have jumped a whopping 14.3% on average across the US. Causing many families to be behind on their monthly utility payments. According to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) every 1 out of 6 American households are behind on their monthly utility bills, causing an accumulated debt of $16.1 billion dollars as of August 2022. With the cost of energy constantly increasing, this number will rise within the next year. This is the number one reason why so many Americans have decided to Go Solar. Choosing to rely on your current energy provider is becoming more and more of a gamble for too many families across the US.

Take Action & Go Solar:

Solar may be good for the environment, but more importantly it is a great way for you to lock in your energy rates for at least 30 years. Ask yourself, if my electricity has gone up 14.3% in the last year, what will it amount to 30 years from now? There are many options to help you go solar these days, and allow you to take control over your rising energy cost. Think solar is out of your budget, think again. Now is the time to take action, and take control over your monthly energy bills.

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