Our Mission:

Best Solar Offer is a dynamic and universal platform. We utilizes cutting edge technology, combined with the best solar energy consultants, who are highly trained and knowledgeable experts in the solar industry. Our partners and extensive resources, are dedicated to facilitate, and empower homeowners to realize their solar potential.

Our Vision:

Our Vision at Best Solar Offer is to become the number one most trusted solar resource on the planet!

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Our goal is to become the most trusted solar resource on the planet.

Our Values:

Honest Reviews  |  A willingness to Educate  |  Communicating effectively  |  The ability to listen

Listening to the needs of the homeowner, and putting their needs first.

Take Responsibility  |  Be a Pioneer  |  Embrace and Lead Change

We think with the end in mind – Providing Lifetime Support.

Think outside the box  |  Provide solutions not excuses  |  A tenacity to work through it all.

Meet The Team:

Image of Christ Tollette the CEO of Best Solar Offer
Chris Tollette

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Chris Tollette is a results-driven sales, marketing and business strategist with 20+ years record of achievement and demonstrated success driving multimillion-dollar revenue growth. He has a proven track record of providing visionary entrepreneurial and business leadership in the highly competitive digital marketing space and insurance industry. Chris’ unique ability to identify opportunities and create strategies that generate unapparelled results makes him an invaluable CEO to Best Solar Offer
Image of Larry Bradshaw COO at Best Solar Offer
Larry Bradshaw

COO – Chief Operating Officer

Larry is a business visionary, who utilizes his excellent communication skills, and management experience to help lead businesses to success. He has 20+ years of experience in entrepreneurial development, intellectual property development, and has successfully managed and run many of his own, as well as other businesses. Larry is always looking for new opportunities to help businesses grow and develop. With his vast knowledge in business administration and operations, he is able to provide efficient and practical guidance that leads to tangible results. Larry’s passion for helping others coupled with his impressive track record make him an invaluable asset to any organization.
Image of Emily Bradshaw CTO at Best Solar Offer
Emily Bradshaw

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Emily has a background working for several independent business owners who have taught her the inter-workings of utilizing and developing technology for business application. She is a young visionary who excels at utilizing her focus and drive to create innovative technological solutions for consumers, to help better meet their needs.
Image of Nia Scafidi Chief Customer Service Office
Nia Scafidi

CCSO – Chief Customer Service Office

Nia has over two decades of customer relations and customer service experience. She has led teams of customer service reps in the tech support and customer care industries. In her last four years in the digital marketing space, she oversaw all aspects of customer relations and lead nurturing. Nia is highly skilled in providing excellent customer service and possesses a deep understanding of how to nurture leads into customers.